Focus+ Flaw Detector

The Optimum Platform for
Guided Wave Inspection

The development of Teletest Focus+ unit took two years of collaboration between Plant Integrity, key industrial partners, and TWI’s Long-Range Ultrasonics Group to provide a pulser-receiver unit that not only improves guided wave inspection for site technicians but also provides the optimum platform for Guided Wave Research and development for TWI and other university institutes.

The key improvements to the pulser-receiver unit are Ethernet communications and 24 fully independent transmit and receive channels to speed up data collection. Better range and sensitivity has been achieved due to maintaining the Teletest standard output voltage of 300 V peak-to-peak with improved sampling resolution and filtering.

Weight has not been compromised for this added functionality with a 45% reduction to 7.6 kg over the previous unit.

Key features introduced in the previous pulser-receiver unit such as the internal electric pump for inflation of collars and GPS have proved so popular that they have been kept within the new unit also. Inspection of pipelines is still operated in octants to fully utilise the A-map (unrolled pipe) and secondary focusing technique unique to Teletest.

The Teletest Focus+ system is fully back compatible with tooling and Teletest Wavescan software. Teletest operates in Multimode configuration as standard uniquely providing both longitudinal and torsional wavemode inspection simultaneously. In addition, a new five ring Torsional module has been launched that provides a high amplitude, broad frequency range torsional inspection when that additional power is required, without the need to change transducer spacing.